Welcome to the Melting Igloo 2, where you can find personal stories, discussions, cheap low cost internet access in the Philippines. my photo archive, and other things you didn't find at the Melting Igloo!  

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Welcome to the Melting Igloo 2!
Your source for somewhat different (from the main site) kinds of information, stories, photos/pictures, and lots more, as you will see.  

Question: Why, a second site?  
Mainly because I felt somewhat constrained by the present organization of the Melting Igloo, and didn't want to change it because it seems to work so darned well at the moment, at least, in my opinion. Another reason is, with this not-quite established site I could experiment with new ideas, things, stuff like that, without messing up what already existed. Lastly, I wanted to make this site more "personal", at the same time, in other respects, less "personal" too. That may seem a bit weird, but that's basically it! Hope you enjoy this one as much, if not more than the Melting Igloo "1"! Now, the features of TMI2: 

(NEW!!!) What makes the hearts and minds of web masters and surfers tick? How do you interview someone over e-mail? Come here for the stunning responses, results, and interviews! 

Here's the story/reasons behind the Melting Igloo having its name. May seem corny, I know, but you'd probably laugh at how many people ask me why and how I chose the name! 

What's this? Not much, just a rundown of the web pages/sites I've designed, or otherwise had a huge part of in designing and planning of, as well as some inside info on those projects! 

My favorite web sites, which aren't owned/maintained by people I know. 

My personal photo archive. These photos have, at one time or another, been posted on my site, and have been brought back for those who wish they were still posted, and for those who didn't get to see them on first "run"! 

I forgot to plug this on the (then) new Melting Igloo's page arsenal, and I didn't forget this time. If you live in Baguio, Philippines, and are pissed at the high hourly   internet access rates, you must check this out! 5 pesos per hour! 

Some random discussion on whatever is on my mind at the moment. Just look, and turn away if it offends or disinterests you. 

Join this webring (operated by me) if you're a filipino writer, or write anything creatively that's Philippines related. 

The original Melting Igloo! Due to Mozcom's ineptness in customer/tech support, last updated about a century ago!!! Ironically, if not for their blatant non-interest in customer satisfaction, the Melting Igloo would still be constrained to their 2 megabyte space limit, which probably would've meant... : ) I just hope not too many people are still going there, because, due to absence of FTP access, I can't put a link to the new site(s)! 

Much thanks to you, for visiting the second of the Melting Igloos, and why not visit the "main" one too, if you have yet to so do (lately?) 

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