Allan Paul's homepage!
I'm looking to meet and talk to people over the internet! I'm also still figuring out what to do with my web page, so, if you have any suggestions, please feel free to e-mail me with your ideas, and perhaps you'd want me as a penpal, to! Here's some personal info, in case you're interested in knowing more: 

Name: Allan Paul Castillo 
Age: 17 
Address: Baguio City, Philippines (email me if you want my full snail mail address, to send me a letter or money, or both!) 
Music I like: Trash & Alternative 
Favorite music artist: James Hetfield 
Favorite songs: "Unforgiven", and "Perfect" 
Favorite sports teams: Los Angeles Lakers, Houston Rockets (NBA), and the Detroit Red Wings (NHL) 
Coolest movie: Star Wars 
Coolest TV shows: Friends, NBA Action, and Beast Wars 
Magazines I like reading: GQ, and YM 
Favorite school subject: Physical Education 
Favorite cartoon characters: Road Runner, and Marvin 
Favorite websites: the Melting Igloo, Site of Joy, Hannah's Place, and tha Unkups page 
Hobbies: Playing basketball, playing computer games, listening to the radio, and collecting music cassettes 
Pasttimes: Sleeping, and eating! 
Favorite computer games: Heavy Gear, and EA Sports' NBA series 
Favorite foods: Afritada, and Kare-Kare 
My drink: Sprite 
My candy: Skittles 
Favorite carnival ride: Wave Swinger 
What I wear when going out: t-shirt & jeans 
My planned college major: Industrial Engineering 
Ambition: to become a navy pilot 
Quote: "Too much talking, less work" - Jose Rizal 

Thanks for visiting my page. E-mail me now, if you want!
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