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The Honest Wood Cutter
Once there was a big family who live near the lake. One Saturday the wood cutter went to the forest and the mother went to the market when the woodcutter was cutting wood. The woodcutter is hungry and the woodcutter went to the lake and said maybe I can catch some fish and eat it. And the woodcutter swim and caught a tiny fish but then the fish jump into the lake. "Oh no" said the woodcutter, and he also jump to the lake three times and he did not find the small tiny fish and the woodcutter was very hungry. And there was a diver and ask the woodcutter why are you very sad because I caught a fish and it jump into the lake and I was so hungry. And the diver swim into the lake and came out with a big fish and the woodcutter said to the diver no that is not my fish. My fish is only small and the diver swim to the lake again and came out with a small fish, and the diver said "Is this your fish?" Yes, said the woodcutter and jump for joy. And the diver said "You are an HONEST man you can have this big fish and eat it with your family together and the woodcutter go home and eat the fish together with his family. 
:) THE END :)
Moral lesson: be honest, always
The Genie in Me
One day Michelle's mother told her "Michelle, can you fix the attic?" and Michelle said "Sure Mom" and she started cleaning and she found a box and she opened it and there was a bottle and she rub it and a genie came out. "Master, your wish is my command, and the wishes are only three". So Michelle wished that everybody will be healthy, and the second is that I have a lot of pets, and the third that I will be a beautiful girl. The genie said "I forgot to say, you must remove the two wishes and one will be left". "What?" said Michelle. "But that is the rule" and Michelle felt sad thinking about it. "Okay", and the guardian angel said "Michelle, you must wish for the health of everybody", and Michelle said "Okay, I will wish that everybody will be healthy". "And your wish will be granted" said the genie. And everybody was healthy and God was very happy with what Michelle wished for and Michelle and her family lived happily ever after. 
:) THE END :)
Moral lesson: you must listen to your angel
Stuff about myself
My name: Andre Josef Fontanos 
Age: 9 
School: Saint Louis University Laboratory Elementary School, Baguio City, Philippines 
Likes: pets, computers, cars, basketball, pizza, root beer, XO candy, MTV, Matilda, Free Willy, Extreme Ghostbusters, NBA Live 98, swimming, chocolate ice cream, Mad Magazine, drums. 
Dislikes: useless things!
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