The (not quite) complete me!
It's me, wearing my Pens away jersey and my "makua"
Hi! I'm Jerome Baquilar, the author of this web page. I'm a "local boy", born and raised in Hawaii. This is actually my first attempt at web publishing, and this site has been alive since late February of 1998. I'm now a graduate of Saint Louis University, with a bachelor's degree in Civil Engineering. Where do I go from here? I don't know quite yet, but I fully intend to bring myself, and my family, to Hawaii. I've really had it with the situation here, which I'll go more into detail later.

I'm married to Donnabelle, who's a big Steelers and Detroit Red Wings fan, and have a beautiful 8 month old daughter, Danielle Louise, who apparently is the world's youngest Green Bay Packers fan (no kidding!). She seemed visibly upset during that big Tackle Football game in San Diego, but I just keep telling her, wait 'til next year... I'm always saying that to myself it seems, whether I'm thinking about the Pens, Steelers, Boston Celtics, or San Diego Padres...
"What do Mario Lemieux and I have in common?", here's the answer: We both retired from pro hockey last year. No kidding! You probably all know or heard about Mario's retirement, mines was very (no, make that totally!!!) obscure in comparison but nevertheless, l was classified as a pro player when I was given invitation to attend the Sacramento River Rats' free agent camp (of Roller Hockey International). My parents really hedged about their civil engineer going to bust his head open at some pro hockey camp, so they conditionally gave me support, moral and financial, to go for my dreams. Unfortunately, that condition was, I had to be done and over with at SLU for my degree. And SLU's Civil Engineering dept  told me I'd have to wait a year to get the class needed for completing my major. I'm still bitter, but I have forgiven. Time to move on in my life. Sometimes I still think about what kind of RHI player I'd be if I actually got to tryout camp and made it? 6'1", 180 lbs... sound like any NHL player you know? How about Don Sweeney? Stu Barnes? Actually, in my own humble opinion, I'd probably be somewhat like a Sergei Zubov. And actually TRY to play defense : ) I've pretty muc given up on the possibility of a pro hockey (ice,roller, whatever!) league to materialize here in the Philippines. They will never get it (Never Gonna Get It!). To speculate, though, from what I've seen/heard about the future of hockey in this country, I'd tower over everyone like Francois Leroux! Heck, maybe even like Steve McKenna! Well, I did announce to the world (or whomever happened to be listening :) ) that I was over and done with dreaming about making it to RHI. Me and Mario, we left the game not because we wanted to but because we got sick and tired of the "situation". Hey, we do have some things in common, don't we??? :^)  

Well, thanks for reading about this "humble" author.(yeah, right!?!?) Hope you love my web site, and I'll just use the below space here to give thanks to those who made this page possible in different ways:

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Mrs. Donnabelle Baquilar, for being there for me when times were high 'n' low
Weezie Baquilar, for making your Dad smile and laugh when he felt bad and for giving me reason to look hard for new hope. Let's go Pack! :^)
My parents, Leticia and Isidro Baquilar, your son is trying, but it's so hard! I'm not gonna give up...and thanks for being my tutors in life
Allen Baquilar, bro, you really helped me learn this technology junk, thanks for that.
Terry Harper, GM of the River Rats, you at least gave me an opportunity when others didn't . Thank you...I won't ever forget that
Thanks to AMPTech for a great deal on this  pentium system which has possibly helped light the way to another path in my life, as well as Mozcom (Axon Communications) for a somewhat affordable means of accessing the i-net. Couldn't ya make it less expensive though???
Donn Patton, recently resigned president of the Pittsburgh Penguins, thanks for being cool to me and all, and thanks for the Bud Ice Sign.
Mario Lemieux, we never met or even exchanged mail, but wow, you're the MAN!
Well, I don't have a lot of close friends, but I'll try to give all you guys and gals some mention here for being part of this "twisted" person's life:  Kevin, Nelly, Roldan, Pat, James, Raymond, Joseph, Todd, Trixy, Debbie, Tina, Annabelle, Janice, Vilma, Michelle, Dana,  Jean, Bernadette, Marjorie, Vanessa, Ray, Paul, Jamil, Jimil, Rachelle, Winnie, Leilani, Jason, Arvi, Andre, Kaye, Allan, Fro, Jon, Leigh, Roselle, Greg, and anyone else I might've unintentionally omitted due to massive head wounds, I mean, head cramps : )

me and Dad, I wasn't even one year old yet. Eerie resemblance to Weezie???
BTW, Dad, you're the man!!!