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Hello, and welcome to a web page where fiction reigns and pours supreme. At the moment, we have some stories and poetry for your reading pleasure. As this page grows in readership and popularity, it shall hopefully grow in the number of creative writing pieces featured here. If you're interested in perhaps posting a creative writing work of your own creation, of any length/genre, you will be more than welcome to have an audience here on this web page. And, if you'd like to link/post some of my work on your site, please do it with my permission. Just e-mail your interests and intentions to me.  

I'd like to take this moment to thank my brother Allen Baquilar for volunteering to be my editor on some parts of my own writings, as well as all of you who couldn't wait for me to post my own work. None of this would be up here if not for you! 

Thank you for coming, and now, please sit back, relax, and enjoy the written work we have prepared and presented for you.  
"Jeanne and Ian"  (romantic, with various other themes. May be considered somewhat adult in nature) 
by Jerome Baquilar 
Part 1 Part 2 
Part 3 Part 4  
Part 5 Part 6 
Part 7 

"An Innocent Man" (romantic) 
by Margaret Marr 

"Irish Holiday" (various themes) by Raindancer (Jessica Chavez) 

"Earthquake Scare" (nonfiction) 
byJerome Baquilar 
"Alien Incursion" (horror) 
byJerome Baquilar 
"The "D" Pairing" (love) 
Part 1  Part 2  Part 3  Part 4  
byJerome Baquilar 

"Parchment" (Love) 
byJerome Baquilar 

"The Honest Wood Cutter" (Fable) 
byAndre Josef Fontanos 

"Hopelessly Out of Place"  (Teen Love) 
by Jerome Baquilar

"Books Are For Reading"  (erotic fiction) 
by Iggy

"Run-Of-The-Mill, One In A Million"  (online love, non-fiction) 
by Jerome Baquilar

"The Mirage From Last Night"  (love, semi non-fiction) 
by Jerome Baquilar

"Star Wars Episode II: The Rise to Power" (Sci-fi, Fan fiction) 
byJerome Baquilar 

by Hannah Coen  

Weeping Willow   
(a song)  
by Pauline Villanueva  

"Doomed, or Dead" by Jerome Baquilar  
"The Wait"   
by Jerome Baquilar  
"My Inspiration"   
by Jerome Baquilar  
"A Broken Expectation"   
by Arvi Joy Castillo  
"I Love You"   
by Arvi Joy Castillo  
"Is It...Love?"  
by Arvi Joy Castillo  
 "The One You Gave Your Heart To"   
by Jerome Baquilar  

"My Shell"   
by Jerome Baquilar  

"Voice Out Of Darkness"   
by Jerome Baquilar  

"Apocalyptic Home"    
by D.E. Austin  

"Searching For Inspiration"   
by D.E. Austin  

"A Loud Mouth"    
by D.E. Austin  

"Dare You"    
by Theresa Delashmit  

"Don't Say Goodbye"   
by Arvi Joy Castillo  

"First Love"   
by Arvi Joy Castillo  

"Happy Memories"   
by Arvi Joy Castillo  

"If You Only Knew"   
by Arvi Joy Castillo  

by Arvi Joy Castillo 

"If He Were Here" 
by Jerome Baquilar 

"Nowhere to Hide" 
by Jerome Baquilar 

"Right Love, Wrong Time"   
by Arvi Joy Castillo  

"Walang Pakiramdam"   
by Ruby Jean Tubalda  

Some Cool Quotes: 
 "The world is full of challenge, with plenty to go around. There is no shortage of challenge. The shortage is in the number people who are willing to take it on. Be one of those people, and as you grow you'll find that challenge is indeed overflowing with treasure." 
-Ralph Marston 

"How's your Bud Ice? Do be do be do..." 
-the Bud Ice Penguin 

"Turn your future regret, with all its power, into current desire. Because right now, it can be done.  Right now, you can do it. It cannot be done yesterday, or tomorrow. Now is what you have.  Now is all there is to work with. Yet it is more than enough. Do it now and it can be done." 
-Ralph Marston 

"Looks like the upper hand is on the other foot, Saddam!" 
-Lloyd Bridges, from "Hot Shots Part Deux" 

"There's only one thing you truly know, and that is, you never know." 
-Yogi Berra 

"When he neutralizes the threat, we launch green flares and wait for the cavalry." 
-Michael Biehn, from "The Rock" 

"When you don't even try, I can guarantee you there's a 100% chance of failure." 
-Jerome Baquilar 

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