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1. Answer all of the following items:
webpage url (if any):
Heard about the internet:
Went online: 
First put up a web page: 
Hours spent online in a month:

2. Answer only six (6) of the following items, it's your choice at to which ones you want to answer:

What do you think about the internet, in general?
What's your most wonderful single experience with the internet?
What's your worst internet experience?
You chose to post/not post pics or yourself on your site. Does that reflect something about your personality?
Have you made a lot of "true" friends on the internet?
What's your weirdest, or funniest, internet experience?
What direction do you see the internet heading?
How long do you plan to keep your webpage/site running?
     Do you plan to make a web page?
What's your favorite site that belongs to someone you know?
What's your favorite site that doesn't belong to a friend?
What do you think of spam?
Would accept a job as a webmaster/e-mail responder?
What browser do you use?
What's your favorite type of site to visit?
What do you think of online chatting?
Let's say you just graduated from high school. Would you attend an "online" college as opposed to a traditional one?
How would you feel if the internet suddenly ceased to exist?
Do you have any knowledge of HTML?
How has the internet helped you the most?
How has the internet hurt you the most?
What makes a great webpage?
Have you ever "fallen in love" with someone online?
What do you do when you try to get online, but can't for some reason? (ISP down, bad phone line, HD problem, etc.)
Assuming all things equal in terms of delivery time, would you order a pizza online or over the phone?
What do you think makes people return to your site?
Would you take $1 a day from a computer company (let's say the name rhymes with Bicrosoft) to have a page-sized ad on your site?

3. E-mail your responses to me at rhi19@the-padres.com! Your interview will be posted as soon as possible (within a week).

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