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All poems here are written by Jeramy Pena,
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Is There Something? 
Lately I see a cloud of sorrow in your eyes, 
Some deep sadness you can never quite disguise 
I'm scared to ask what it's leading to 
But I'm more afraid of not asking you 
Is there something you're hiding from me? 
Is there something you want to tell me? 
Is there something you don't want others to know? 
Is there something I ought to know? 
Are we something that' still worth fighting for? 
Or should I simply let you go? 
Is there something I can do to reach you? 
Is there some way to convince you to tell me what's inside you? 
Are we something more than history? 
If you just tell me honestly? 
You've got screts you've been keeping for too long 
And I'm going crazy acting like there's nothing wrong 
Then there's something that I want to tell you 
And I want you to believe it's true 
We had something that I'll never forget 
Even if I wanted to 
'Cause part of me will always be with you! 
My Heart Won't Lie 
People say we look together 
You're my only one and there's no other 
In their eyes you're my ideal 
And this feeling is like a steal 
When you're beside me, I can feel the emotion 
That brings me close to you 
I don't know why? 
But I've got the strangest feeling 
And that's not easy to do 
'Cause my heart won't lie! 

Hi & Hello 
Hi and Hello, same words to say, 
To my dear friend every day. 
She/he smiles at me and I smile, too, 
Everywhere, those same things we do!

Not Hoping 
Whenever I saw you alone, 
I pretend to just mind my own 
Whenever I hear those girls tease you, 
I pretend not to mind you 
Whenever I talk about you, 
Ipretend I don't have anything I feel for you. 
I keep on pretending, 
Not to keep on laughing 
About the things that's not worth having, 
'Cause I know I'm not hoping. 
Your Heart 
What is the gap I can bridge? 
Why are you so out of my reach? 
If only you'd look at my way for a little while, 
In only I could break through your barriers with a smile : ) 
Maybe you'd understand the way I feel, 
Maybe you'll know this love is for real. 
How am I supposed to make you see, 
Just how much you really mean to me... 
I just hope you hear the melody before it dies 
I hope there's a chance for me to look into your eyes 
I don't want the dreams I've built around you to fall apart, 
So tell me what it takes to have a place in your heart. 
To Hell With You 
I do believe that the Lord above, 
Created you for me to love. 
He chose you among the rest, 
Because he knows I love you best. 
I have a heart, yes it's true, 
But now it's from me to you. 
So care for it as I have done, 
For you have two and I have none. 
If I go to heaven and you are there, 
I'll wait for you at the golden stairs 
And if you're not there on judgement day 
I'm sure you went away. 
So I'll return my angel wings, 
My golden lamp, my everything 
To prove to you my love is true 
I'll go down to hell to be with you! 
My Love 
You are my light when there is no sun, 
You are the rainbow after the rain is done, 
You are the star that twinkles at night 
You are the moon that glows so bright 
You are the wind that whistles my name 
You are different when the world's the same. 
You are the bee that the flower ever misses 
You are the beach that the warm sun kisses. 
In case you don't know 
what I'm trying to say, 
I'm saying that you are 
What makes up my day, 
I wonder why I love you so... 
Withou a doubt of course I know... 
You are everything that is left to be 
But mostly you are everything to me! 
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