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est. 1986
An Introduction by Jon De Vera 
The JUNKYARD is named after the place where we hung out or still do hang out when we studied in SAINT LOUIS UNIVERSITY. It is neither a frat or sorority, just a bunch of people who were brought here to avail of Baguio's cheap school rates. But most of us have been brought here because of our parents. This is just a list of name we have come up with of people that we could think of. for the purpose of remembering the good ol' times, but basically for keeping in touch. 
The Body by Jerome Baquilar 
Although I wasn't included in the original version of this site (maybe I was spending too much time in Hawaii???) drawn up by Tasha Celi, Joe Datoc, Jon De Vera, and Fro Bernal, I was commisioned to do so by the last webmaster of this site (Fro said it was him). Rest assured, for the people who liked the first version, I won't change the theme completely, just streamline things as well as make the presence of this site felt by the rest of the online world. So, that said, enjoy, and don't hesitate to criticize contructively. More pics coming as soon as I get more to scan. : )The shy guy has spoken! 
Anyone wants pictures? Here they are: 
What else is new? 2nd release of Junkard pics! Kudos to Hec Gongon  (visit his site!)or helping contribute addresses recently. Finally, sign the Junkyard guestbook!!! : ) 

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The Conclusion: by All of us:
"Before Junkyard":
Clay Lena Tolentino  Willy Tolentino Reynolds
Edelmar Steve (not fuck face) Yantz Mike Torcedo
First Generation:
Jimil "Jel" Borillo  Richard Aquino  Freddy Molina Kenneth "KEN" Gongon
Arlene Gabat Eric Ancheta  Allan Celi Val Paraiso
Second Generation:
Ernie Layug  Arlene Tapawan Joe Pancho John Pancho
Gil Gabat Grizz Gabat Joel Ancheta  Eden Mata
Third Generation:
Abby Mata  Arnold Tapawan  Tammy Garcia  Ellen Catbagan
Emily Catbagan  Laurie Lacson Mia Auckshun  Alvin Ibalio
Frances Manosca Elmer Gongon  Nadine Villanueva  Joann Tolentino 
Mark Delfino  Rob Ascuncion  Ferds Molina Abby Mata 
Fourth Generation:
Dwayne Acebedo  Joseph "JOE" Datoc Tasha Celi Art Tayaba
Lanie Lacson  Jerel Datoc  Harold  Chief Villanueva 
Randy Meana SKI  Vinnie Asuncion Gladys Juan 
Everette De Leon Jerry Zabala  Marv Torcedo Henry Mata
Nico Cawed  Manny Bognot
Fifth Generation:
Gerald "HEC" Gongon Minerva "BABA" Manosca Alonzo Harris Verna Sarmiento
Jerome "R.H.I.19" Baquilar Anna Gonzales  Philip Aquisap  Gigi Sarmiento
Todd Borillo  Jose Sumbang  Gino Chan  Jun Villanueva
Vera Villanueva Mary "Jane" Devera Renelyn Baretto  "Nesto" 
Clarissa Tordil  Tim Dijamco Dale vince Cruz Rhea 
Gil Acebedo
Sixth Generation:
Lisa Boyer Mike Senato  Jojo Catacutan  Fabby Carino
Mercedes "CEDES" Manosca 
Seventh Generation:
Mark Acebedo  Billy Bernal Jonathan "JON" Devera  Jonathan "FRO" Bernal 
Portia Antonio Gerald Villablanca  Rey Gatchilian Glen Pascual 
Thelma Catapag  Rhoda Meana 
Eighth Generation:
"BUFF" Art Torres Glen "MOON" Marcelo  Lalaine Lucas  Jay Absalon
Ninth Generation:
Lawrence Valmonte  "BIG" John Del Rosario  Keith Mika  Greg Tayaba
Dennis Lucas Mike Lucas Minnie  Jade Daquel 
RJ Sena Rachel Watanabe  Joey Dela Cruz
Tenth Generation:
Irene  Christine Christine Bundalian  Gina O'Brien
Jennifer O'Brien 
Eleventh Generation:
Angela  Jocelyn Dauz Steven Rosario Richie "IN JAIL"
Twelfth Generation:
Rose Dauz  Richard "Rick" Perez de Tagle  Vic Arabe  Vlad Arabe
Thirteenth Generation:
Rey Ortiz  Orville Gundran Chris Lee Danrem "Danny Boy" Balino
Fourteenth Generation:
Mark "BIG MAC" Medina Mark "MAD DOG" Gines  Macky Villanueva  Jamil Padcayan
Jed Reyes  Paul Ortiz 
Fifteenth Generation:
Vanessa Villanueva  Mike Ramat Reynald Vergara Marj Mendiguren 
Lhorie Alejandrino Lhen Maldanado Ray Barcelona  Vannick Chim
Maria Tabila Pam Labasbas Nicole  Michelle Martin
Sharon Caoili "FRISCO" Joanne Aleida Galimba Dominic Carreon
Sixteenth Generation:
Allan Villanueva  Jaydee Ocon Dennis Canlas  Teri 
Joanne "TESTOSTERONE"  Arby Labasbas Marfil Dungca
Seventeenth Generation:
Rocky Natividad Irene Lucero Jerry Valdez Christine
Gay  Chrystal Buganza Kareen Labrador
That's the list, for now. Additions (esp. the upcoming eighteenth generation! Can you believe it???), subtractions, mail/site links, e-mail the Site Dad