My Favorite Places to Visit on the Web
(which don't belong to friends/family)

The places on the web which, aside from friend's/family/acquaintances pages/sites, take up a significant part of my browser's "History" log: the place to go for the best in sports news and current stories, bar none!

The Sporting News: the place to go for great sports stories, albeit not as up-to-the-minute as ESPN. I usually check this one if I really need to know what the weather reports in my area are, and sometimes to check the sports scores on those occasions when ESPN is unaccessible, or taking too long to load.

SMDAmerica: You can order music sheets online from here, and print them out from your own desktop simultaneously! I got "My Heart Will Go On", "My All", and "Don't Speak" from here.

Yehey: the Filipino version of Yahoo!, I usually check it to see if any of my college friends finally got around to being on the web yet. If you're filipino, or have a webpage devoted to anything about the Philippines, you should try submitting to this search engine. Other than my main site page, it's tough to get onto this search engine, for unknown reasons.

Tanikalang Ginto: a more comprehensive Filipino index site than Yehey, and way more submission friendly, although it's not a search engine. Several of my own pages, and pages of my "clients", have at one time or another been featured on this site.

Bud Ice: for some reason I love visiting this site! ; ) I always find what I need here, when it comes to practically any kind of file/program for Windows.

EA Sports: I check this one only to find out when the latest sports games are being released.

Honolulu Star Bulletin: one of Hawaii's major newspapers online. I hope to someday be the feature of a front page story here ; )

CDNow: I visit this one usually when I plan to go buy a video movie, just to know what's newly released on videotape. I also look here for what's newly released as far as music goes.

Friends & Lovers: The Relationships Magazine: Of course I just had to mention my stories being published by this site! Some may argue by that virtue, I should put this with my other links page, but hey, I don't know anyone there, and I only talked by e-mail about submitting the story and them using it so, there!

the storyteller: This 'zine also had the good taste : ) to publish my "Jeanne and Ian" story as well (in their January 1999 issue)! Worth checking out, for sure, and it's published bi-monthly. The place go to to submit your website to lots of search engines with one form, for free!

Fiction Showcase: Parchment got published there, and there's LOTS of other stories there for you to check out!
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