My accomplishments in web page/site design

Whether you'd say I'm professional or not, consider this as my web design portfolio : ) I've put up web pages/sites for these people (one of them being me, of course!), and exactly how much I did I have to do with these pages/sites? I pretty much took care of all web design aspects, and had worded content submitted/recommended/inspired by my "clients", with occasional content suggestion from myself. Here they are, and some stories about how these pages came somewhat of a chronological order, not exactly... well, just read on!

The "old" Melting Igloo: Back in February of 1998, I posted my own web site. I was particularly inspired to do it by my brother Allen's super-lame-at-the-time "Hottest Site on the Planet", who's main feature was a picture of Cori Nadine, and if you clicked on it, you were promptly whisked to a page blank but for the words "That's right you clicked on Ms. Nadine"! (No one could understand what it meant, not even me!) Talk about your ironies! Anyways, the site didn't change all that much over the months that I could maintain it. I say "could" because sometime in September (I think) Mozcom's super lame and expensive internet service suddenly became devoid of FTP access of any kind, reliable/regular or not. So, I had no choice really, but to create:

The new Melting Igloo: a chance to (almost) start anew, I made things more organized, and used my few months of experience with web page design to the best of my capabilities. I think the biggest improvement over my old site was the more organized manner in which the links to other parts of the site was presented. Also, for some reason that eludes me, I started really making a lot of new friends since I "moved" to Tripod, where the new site should be, for good.

WeezieWorld: simply a web page to show off my daughter Danielle "Weezie" Baquilar's pictures, first done just after I opened the old Melting Igloo, around April of 1998. While the site was at Mozcom, it was just pictures, basically, but when it moved to Tripod, I included the "story" of her meeting my family for the first time, and her baptism.

Junkyard's Site: not originally put up by me, much of my "Junkyard" friends were telling me about this site. Some of those who'd seen it said it looked like shit. The people "maintaining" it asked if they knew anyone who'd want to carry on with it. I volunteered around March 1998, I think, and turned the supposed one-page website into something slightly better: added some Java, made some e-mailable links on the "roster", put up a guestbook for it, and added some picture pages.

Donna's page: my wife's page? First posted in April of 1998, I had to suggest everything that's on the page, and she doesn't have much interest in it, if any at all, so it's virtually the same page from first upload til now.

BCCBBS page: not necessarily done for them, more like a promotional page for their cause of bringing the cost of internet access down for those in Baguio City, Philippines. I actually owe a debt of gratitude to them, I'd probably not have gotten this far without their unselfish service!

Roselle's Domain: Donna's cousin, Roselle de Guia, started getting into internet e-mail (mostly with her relatives on the mainland U.S.) at about the same time that I started with the Melting Igloo. Around August, 1998, she asked me how she could find more people to converse with, and I suggested putting up a web page for people who may be interested in meeting someone new. Results have been decent, for her standards, but of course she's always looking for new friends, so if you're interested, visit her web page for the details!

Page of Joy: This one started as a result of the Melting Igloo's Fiction Fanfare, a collection of stories and poetry, by myself and friends on the internet. Arvi Joy Castillo, another of Donna's cousins, writes poetry, and Donna put forth the idea of posting her poetry. Arvi and I went a bit further on that idea by posting a web page in September of 1998, devoted to her poetry, and the poetry collection's size is almost to the point that we had to open a web site for her instead, since her page had gotten quite large.

Pat's Forum: I did this one for an old friend of mines from Waipahu High School, Patrick Galamay. I felt sorry for him because he didn't have the time to create his own web work, so I created a "rough draft" of a web page for him. He liked how it was done, and it just took off from there in October, 1998. In time, I expect this one to also balloon to "web site" size, as the ideas and "Top Tens" grow in number!

Joyce's House: Yet another of Donna's cousins, Joyce Sombrito, is interested in meeting new people/friends, but unlike Roselle, she has no means of accessing the internet, so her web page was created in November of 1998 for the purpose of helping her get new penpals, over snail mail. Again, if you'd like to be her penpal, visit her page for her snail mail address and other info.

The Melting Igloo 2: Do I need to talk about this one??? : ) Just go to its main page for the story...

The Filipino Writers Web Ring: there is no lack of "filipino" web rings at (I think, at least 10 of them???), and there's one for filipino poets and their poetry. There wasn't any rings for filipino "writers", so, I took it upon myself to start this one in November of 1998. I still don't know much about web rings, especially operating one! But I'm learning as I go on this one, and I modestly say I'm trying my best. If you're a filipino writer in any sense of the word (check the webring's homepage for requirements in being part of this web ring), please join, you won't regret it!

Arvi's Site of Joy: opened with a "skeleton crew" of features in November, 1998, it was pretty fun to do this one, I really took some steps toward graphic features. Basically, the site was adding a bunch of other personal items to go with her poetry, which, to begin with, pretty much made her original web page balloon to some pretty big dimensions!

Anka's Away: first posted in December of 1998, this was one of the easier web projects I've done, with practically all content given to me, and a specification for a simple, quick-to-load site design. All I basically did, other than put things together, was to suggest the content presentation style and the index arrangement. Kind of weird, though, to put up a web page for someone I never met or knew personally!
 Andre's Story Page: this was put up on December 23, 1998, and was done primarily to encourage the growth and writing spirit of a very young author, Andre Josef Fontanos, who was a mere nine years of age when he wrote his story.

Jem's Poems: my first web-undertaking of 1999, this was posted on January 2, and, it's another poetry page for a relative. Held back on adding the other features, so to speak, because of my time constraints at the time, and to patiently figure out how to best approach doing the other features.

Ruby's Writings: another web page done for someone I've never met/known personally! Actually, Ruby is a friend of Jem's, so there's the connection. This page, at least when first done, is quite similar to Jem's Poems page

Iggy's Erotic Fiction Site: a fairly simple, quick loading site, for "adult" reading pleasure.

Allan Paul's Penpal homepage: my cousin-in-law Allan Paul Castillo wanted to find more penpals/keypals to write to, so, I helped him put up a page which will hopefully aid in that search!