My Random Thoughts
November 5, 1998:
At this point I'm still putting together TMI2, not really knowing what the response will be to this new site. I know I kinda got the inspiration from ESPN's ESPN2. So what's next, the Melting Igloo News? TMINews??? Before you laugh that thought off, I remember someone (and she probably knows who she is, I'm not going to tell you who though) saying I should do news on the Philippines, though more opinioned and biased than the regular media...

On the subject of web sites and all, sometimes, doesn't it make you wonder why so many people opt for frames on their sites? Before you start strongly wording your foul-mouthed e-mails in my direction, I do acknowledge that in some cases, the frames thing does help with ease of access, when there are so many pages to link to. But that's not always the case, though, and I do get the feelings that sometimes people do it that way because they think it's the "in" thing, or think it shows that they're sophisticated enough to be able to use the frames format. But, consider the disadvantages:

the last two disadvantages, I think, are the best reasons to stay away from frames, or post a no-frames version of your site. You post your website for everyone to see, so, how does that goal fare when you're locking out any number of people from seeing your work/you? You may not think it's much, but I certainly wouldn't want anyone to attempt visiting my site and end up not getting to it. They's just my words, I could be wrong, or course, but for me one visitor turned away because of a browser thing is absolutely one too many!

Did Rose die at the end of "Titanic"?

Does anyone else notice the weird, strange "connections" between Don Simpson/Jerry Bruckheimer films, which, aren't connected to each other? Consider:

Perhaps with that much food for thought, maybe someone could regurgitate some more coincidences to me : )

November 8, 1998:
Just about set to release TMI2 onto you people. Hope the reactions are good!

The second of the two "big" things I hinted to those of you on my mail list, I will reveal to you. Arvi Joy's poetry page is going to be converted into a five page-or-so site, probably within a week's time. Look out for it...

Maybe it's just me, but... for you NBA fans, you've probably heard this phrase too damned often on NBA broadcasts: "No one's gonna get in the way of (insert name of some big-bodied player like Malone, Barkley, O'Neal, etc) for the charge" or "Let's see you get in the way of (insert name again)". Stuff like that. Funny how you never hear NFL commentators say "No one is going to tackle Jerome Bettis on third and goal" or "The Panthers are looking for a guy to tackle Natrone Means", NHL play-by-play saying "The defensemen don't want to get in John LeClair's way", MLB announcers saying "Kenny Lofton refuses to come to bat because Randy Johnson is on the mound". Note to NBA people: once your sport gets its act together and there's games again, you could stop making the players sound like wimps by starting to refrain from the "no one wants to take the charge" line.

On poetry and academic achievement: for me, when I'm writing poetry, lots of it, I tend to do better in other things, like school. Can't say that now, but for two of my high school years and one of college, I noticed how those things seemed to go hand-in-hand.

Someone once told me recently that "Grammar is the bane of many a writer's existence", and I agreed at the time. Now, I couldn't agree more. When you're concentrating on putting out a tale you feel is worth telling, the last thing you want to be thinking about is whether the way you put the words together conforms to what nitpickers say is correct grammar. That's what editors are for : )

Does my personal info page need updating? I've been thinking of whether that's the case...

November 13, 1998:
Yep, it's Friday the 13th. Anyone past high school still believe this day brings about bloody death in the form of a goalie masked murderer who refuses to die???

I've been asked this question quite often, and a lot lately: Is "Jeanne and Ian", a true story? And if not, how did I make up the story? Well, a lot of people should remember what I said at first, that it's "fiction loosely based on fact". That's true, of course, but exactly how much? A lot of the "events" described are true to life, though skewed a bit by my literary mind. The "pool dare" segment, though, is totally fictional! Practically all other parts of the story up until the "unification" of the two, are based on real events. What drove me to write such a story? Well, there are a few things I wanted to portray in the story aside from the main "thread" of the story, mostly to do with Philippine society, in a way. At least from my view, which I tell you isn't very pretty, generally. Mostly though, I guess my inspiration for the story was the reality, or semi-reality, of the love story, which I found quite intriguing and infectious in a weird, kinky way.

So, perhaps now you're wondering who's the real life Jeanne, and Ian? Sorry, but for now I leave that subject with a "No comment", after all, those are two real people in this world who, perhaps, have enough to worry and think about without having to hear "scandalous" talking. Sequel? That remains to be seen, it could go either way...

"Alien Incursion"? I just made a story about death to balance the story of "life"! No comment on the ending though...

I told you! It was just a matter of time... saw highlights from an NHL game, and they showed some guys holding up a banner, announcing themselves as "Former NBA fans".

Happy to announce that I finally got back into the story writing groove, and the next one figures to be another story-by-installment. Not as long as Jeanne and Ian, not as short as Alien Incursion. Category: -classified-! Hope to have the first part out within a week from today, and the delay between parts might be longer than before, with my parents coming over pretty soon!

I am still thinking of whether to update my personal info page... well, I just may take a look at everyone else's like pages, just to see if mines could use a transformation to similar formats/content.

Before I forget, thank you for all the kind comments on TMI2, just to hear/read those, made it worth all the thought and work. I'm just a guy with ideas, I guess!

I think Romeo should've just broken Cup's 3-wood at the US Open in "Tin Cup"! He did that before, after all...

November 15, 1998
I generally don't talk about world issues a loretreat" tactics. Why'd he do it in the first place? I believe it was to move weapons of destruction while the U.N. eyes were forcibly removed from their country.

At this point, the first part of my next story, "The "D" Pairing" should be up. Good news: it'll be quite easier to follow than my previous "love" story, with practically just two personalities to keep track of, and even then, not that complicated. Bad news: if you consider it bad news, it'll be about half the length. This story is fictional in it's entirety.

Two of my next web projects are temporarily on hold, because I haven't seen either of them (the content providers) lately. Well, not their fault, not mines, just the way things are I guess! One of them figures to be up and running very soon though...

An idea popped my mind recently, a new feature for TMI2. I don't know how it may sound to a lot of you, so, I'm thinking of having it done with someone "close" first. Hint: it involves everyone on my Cool People links page, and possibly even more people, perhaps the ones on my mail list who don't have their own web pages. Sounds intriguing???

November 19, 1998
Just had to break out news of this: two on-line literary publications (Friends and Lovers, and the Storyteller) are going to publish "Jeanne and Ian"! Friends and Lovers is going to publish it "soon", and the Storyteller will put it in their January 1, 1999 issue. How do I feel about it? Pretty happy and good, as you might expect, but, at the same time, I feel somewhat of a burden. Why? If that story is as good as everyone makes it seem, I've set quite a high standard for myself to maintain. I just have to keep up the same effort to get similar results in the future, I guess! Anyways... I guess I can score it as a small but significant achievement on my part!

Speaking of my story and it being published... I have yet to get a sniff from Philippine on-line publications. Well, if I'm good enough for U.S. based orgs and not up to snuff for Philippine ones, well, so be it. I'll try submitting my work and see if anything happens, I suppose. I'm pessimistic about it, though, can't really explain why.

I've delayed working on my "idea" for now, in favor of concentrating more on my storywriting, is that a good move? Anyways, I've got some time away from my computer coming this weekend, so, that seems like a good time for me to plan the "idea" thing.

I don't know why (perhaps James would know! ha ha!) but lately I've been thinking a lot about high school days, practically a decade ago now. It all seems like just last year, yet... well, the pic archive shows my reminiscing mood. If I get a response from my high school friends, I just may keep up the h.s. daze photo theme...

That's it for now, I have something to celebrate! Go out and drink a great glass of iced tea for me (hard to find it here!), or, whatever your favorite drink is, think of me when you drink of it. Think of feeling happy for the smallest of joys

November 21, 1998
Who knows? I just may remember this day as a small step towards something bigger. I hope! Anyways, it really happened today, "Jeanne and Ian" was published online at "Friends & Lovers". Thanks: Allen, for editing the first two parts of the story, when I was trying desperately to shake the rust off from SLU's transferred non-creative attitude, and everyone else who supported me before, during, and after my writing of the story. In that spirit, I guess I should thank to real life "Jeanne" and "Ian" as well, without you two, this story wouldn't have been written! For the moment, the next thing to look out for is the publishing of the story at the Storyteller, on January 1, 1999.

Well, speaking of the story, I tried looking for a filipino zine to submit it to, and I only found one so far, which won't accept the story because it exceeds the 10,000 words limit (it has 18,000+ words!). I tried submitting the URL to two Philippine search engines/indexes, and, like I expected, it got nothing less than a total lack of respect by not being indexed.

I've just finished writing my second "love" story, the "D" Pairing. Totally fictional, like I said, and I sure could use some help here concerning this story. Am I much better at writing things based on real life events, or am I capable of developing complete fictional stories? Tell me, those who can, it'll really help me determine my limits, and my strengths in writing.

Funny, I was thinking, how could a story with a somewhat controversial/scandalous theme be liked by almost everyone (so it seems) who's read it? I can't put my finger on it, but, was it the way I made both Jeanne and Ian likeable, admirable, almost living and breathing in the mind of the reader? Almost to the point that the reader "cares" about them? Kind of like how "Titanic"'s Jack Dawson is, that the audience cares about him.

Speaking of which... I was thinking that was why DiCaprio wasn't nominated for anything from "Titanic" in the Oscars (or the Academy awards? Or both? I'm not good at remembering those things) while everyone else and his/her mom was getting nominations. You could throw a male poodle into DiCaprio's role, and it probably would've still got all the accolades. Though it would make the "drawing", and "steaming car windows" scene interesting, not to mention some rather intriguing dialogue:
Rose- "You have a gift, Jack. You see people."
Jack- "Ruff ruff ruff!"
Rose- "And?"
Jack- "Ruff ruff ruff ruff!"

November 24, 1998
Well, the two days away from the computer, I did get some time to plan things on the "idea" Should be out when I can get some time to do what needs to be done, which is, I don't really know! My parents are here now, and well, I'm not sure how much free time I can get with them around : )

As for stories, did I previously mention that I had one going? I'm kinda stuck right now at the beginning, hah ha! I'm gonna have to try to get past that wall, and, like I think I said before, with my parents around, I'm not sure how much time I'd have!

Well... about the "skeleton" on someone's new web site, do I need to explain why? It's because the person didn't, and still hasn't had time to put into getting the thing done. Aside from that, I'm currently working on two other projects, so, I have been keeping myself quite busy!

Is this getting monotonous? I promise to try changing up subject matters more often next time!

December 3, 1998
Wow, how long has it been since my last addition to this page? More than a week now, and, geez, it seems longer than that to me. Anyways, let's get down to business...

Weezie's birthday party was a load of fun! It was held at Piraso Resort, in Baguio. The picnic/dining area was pretty good, the food and drinks were da bomb as per standards : ) but what really sets this place apart from other Baguio places is the swimming pools. I'll get back to this later...

A thought about internet things and all: doesn't it always seem like there aren't enough people who are even aware of the internet? Maybe it's just me, with my present locale and all, but that's how I see it at present. Have any of you ever tried looking for an old high-school friend over the internet? I have, and I estimate the success rate of finding a long-lost friend/relative at something less that 5%, at best! Since the number of users allegedly will double in a year's time (can't remember where I heard that though), expect the success rate to reach a whopping 10%!

Like I expected, it's hard to concentrate on storywriting or even the simple tasks of updating certain things with lots and lots of family around the house. Look for things to get back to normal within a few days though.

Remember those times I lamented on my lack of a chance to fail at my attempt to become a professional roller hockey player? I do believe someone likes me up in high places somewhere, because, I do believe I have gotten a second chance, though in a drastically different form. Consider:

For those who haven't figured it out yet, I'm referring to my dabbling (up til now) in fiction writing. Friends & Lovers, as well as the StoryTeller (Janurary 1 is less than a month from now!), have given me a glimmer of hope. I figure I have three months til I'm free to find a job in Hawaii (or elsewhere!) so, I'll put forth my best stuff in the three months til then. Wish me luck!

As for the pool thing I alluded to before... the pool was iceberg cold!!! (I never touched an iceberg, but I think I know what it would feel like now!) Kind of like how you'd imagine the waters around the R.M.S. Titanic were, it was simply body-numbing cold in there! At the party, Roselle wanted no part of stepping into the water, Weezie had cold feet about the idea when her feet touched the water, Donna could take it for only a few minutes, I gave it a good try but could only last for maybe a little less than an hour. Who won the impromptu "Melting Igloo Ice Water Endurance Award"??? Arvi Joy, she stayed in there for almost 2 hours!

December 7, 1998
Just put up the first part of Parchment, to tell you the truth, it had been ready for some time (almost half a week) but for some gut reason I didn't put it up 'til today. Let's say I had cold feet, for unknown reasons! I'd just love to talk about the story, but seeing as how only the first part is up (spoiler: it'll probably run to about 4 or 5 parts) I'd better not. Yet!

The rest of Arvi's Site of Joy (the missing parts) is almost ready to be uploaded. Be glad that she finally found the time to get the rest of it up and ready! Not sure how much more she can add to her site, but, with me around, of course, she won't be at a loss for ideas, good or bad!!!

How busy am I with web page design? Now I have 4, count em, four, web pages for four different people "on-deck"! Not that I'm complaining, mind you, but this is one of those things I never would've imagined myself getting into. So long as I got the time (which, for a few months at least, would be a strong "yes") I'm ready whenever they are! I'll preview three of the four for you (knowing that the fourth might get a bit upset if I put "pressure" on her!)

It's christmas season here again, and, the traffic here is pretty bad now. A cousin of Donna's predicts by next year they'll be number-coding traffic like they do in Manila.

Suggestion: read Margaret Marr's poem, A Custom-Made Heart. Not saying that just because my name is on that page somewhere (though you could probably excuse me anyways even if that was the only reason!), but it's a great piece of poetry, speaks from the hearts of many that were broken in different ways. Please read it!

December 19, 1998
Surprise, surprise. Among the four sites I hyped as soon-to-open, non of which was "Anka's Away", a site made on "demand" for a new net-friend. This marked the first time I've done a web anything for someone I never met in person.

There's nothing more cool than a holiday season with lots of relatives to party with! And, they're even my in-laws! Hope to not neglect things too much, though I can't much from experience, of course. They're drawing up a whole bunch of things for me to get involved in, so, I just may relay some of the stories from those events here, or something like that.

What defines a "babe"? Check out Hannah's Babefest, it may help define your ideal, even if you don't find your idea of a "babe" there. What a novel concept, though, you have to admit!

Back to the story, "The D-Pairing", just thought I reveal one little thing about that story. I sort of, half intentionally, made out the coach to be the story's "Cupid"!

December 24, 1998
Funny how things go unlike what you expect sometimes. Just posted another person's web page, Andre's Story Page, and, it wasn't among those I "previewed" not too long ago.

Well, the holiday season has hardly started, yet, I have quite an experience under my list of things done: Christmas Caroling! It was pretty fun, even though I have one of the worst voices you could ever hear. Ironically, I didn't lose my voice despite maybe a little more than an hour's time of singing (Ever since leaving high school, I have been known to lose my voice almost instantly after a bit of shouting or yelling, or trying to communicate verbally in a noisy club), so, I can't really explain that little phenomenon. I got quite a bit of video and photo coverage on last night's fun, and will be in on the fun again tonight, so, I hope to have some of the pics from those up pretty soon.

I'm trying to get Anka to do love advice of something to that effect, I think I am in need of it, seriously! I don't want to announce my personal life's events here, but, I think I could use some opinions on the events of late...

December 31, 1998
Last day of 1998 here, so, just thought I'd make it count with some "final" thoughts.

For me, 1998 brought about many changes in my life, not the least of which was meeting and talking to a lot of new people, new friends, and simply because of that, 1998 became a year more than worth the time. In that vein of thought, I just thought I'd give a special thanks to someone (she knows who she is!) for helping me remember that wonderful aspect of my 1998 by sending me a simple URL message for being her "'puter" friend. Okay, it really hit me, and, I thought of name-calling all those people I discovered and rediscovered in 1998:
My new friends: Angie, Anka, Anna, Blueblood, Claire, D.Austin, Dusty, Eric, Hannah, Jade, James, Janice, Jo, Joanne, Margaret, Nicca, Pauline, Raindancer, Theresa, Xentar.
Friends I rediscovered in 1998: Al, Eugene, Hec, Irv, Jason, Kevin, Pinky, Philip, Raymond, Stu, Todd, Vicki.
Thanks to all of you for being the cool people you all are, and hope to experience lots more "coolness" in 1999!

Can't wait to see Star Wars Episode I! That trailer really makes me (and more than a few others, I'm sure) itch for it to come out soon. Spring 1999 will be something, I bet!

As you can imagine, it was pretty tough for me to bear watching the Pittsburgh Steelers lose 5 games in a row to end the season out of the playoffs. So, that in mind, who am I pulling for in the NFL playoffs? Here's the teams I'll follow closely:
Sentimental favorite: Buffalo. Wouldn't it make for great theater if they won the big game this time???
Unbiased NFC pick: Minnesota. Too many weapons offensively and that great defense should have them steamroll past everyone, provided SF or GB don't become the roadblock.
Unbiased AFC pick: Denver. The two game slump should become meaningless when the games really count. Homefield ad throughout doesn't hurt, either.
My SB prediction: Minnesota over Denver in a blowout win, making for an improbably winner two years in a row!

I'm probably not very far from finishing "Parchment", and well, I can just imagine how many people are thinking "wow, does he have a crazy screwed up imagination or what?" ; )

How many things have we left undone in the past year? How many deeds thought out in the mind but not executed in the real world? I certainly hope there aren't many, and, for me, the list is pretty short. Which is good, I think! Never a good thing to have so many "I wish I did that" thoughts, and, I actually made a conscious effort to cut down on those in the past year. Hope it actually gets me somewhere, someday. Doesn't have to be too far ; )

Well, I guess that's a year. Hard as it is to say goodbye to a memorable year, how easy it is to be excited about a new one being even better! Hope you all make 1999 one to remember besides it being the last year of the millenium. Party hard but smart!

January 2, 1999
Happy New Year!

My year has gotten off to an unbelievably inspiring jumpstart. My story, Jeanne and Ian, was published again, in the January 1999 issue of the storyteller! What a great, wonderful way to start a new year, huh? Coincidentally, Margaret Marr had a story (The Moth and the Flame) published in that very same issue, so, congrats to her as well! This was the second time this happened, and well, this was the second time I ever had a story published, so, perhaps my luck goes as with someone elses??? -Twilight Zone theme music playing-

Yesterday I had lots of fun, taking Weezie biking at the park, playing dodgeball with relatives, and lots of other stuff. Wore sunglasses the whole day, it's a new year's ritual for me (the future's so bright, I gotta wear shades!).

Also, just finished Jem's Poems page, look for it to follow closely in the footsteps of one Site of Joy, in more ways than one, probably!

January 10, 1999
Been pretty busy with things lately, so, not much time for idle thoughts. I did think up this "Dr. Seuss Synopsis" for my latest story, "Parchment"

John was gloomy and depressed one day,
Til a timely e-mail message came to his way.
"Come to the party" wrote from his mother,
Then maybe he'd find a girl, a girl like no other!
And when he got there that girl was at the door,
She smiled, winked, and said "Come in, there's more".
They talked and talked until none more to talk of,
They soon thought they were in love.
"Off to the bedroom!" exclaimed young Janice,
"I'll go on my computer, but hey, no real malice!"
No malice, she was heard to have said,
But minutes later, they were both naked in bed.
John thought they were hot, and with bed, who doesn't?
But when they saw his parents, they were told, "You are cousins"!
John fled from the party, and sat on the seashore,
And said "I'll never again go knocking on that door!"
But as he heard the waves hit on the sand,
His balloon had a lightbulb, he said "Hey, I have a plan!"

January 14, 1999
It's happened again: a story of mines just got published on "Friends and Lovers" magazine again! And, on a related note, I just finished writing a short story (really!) titled "Hopelessly Out of Place", I wanted to do a story which would fulfill the 3000 maximum word count that so many 'zines require. Well, all that's left now is to try submitting that story, and see how it does. For anyone interested in the background of the story, it's kind of about me, a long time ago, in an island chain far, far away... ; ) I plan on continuing the story, though, so watch out for that if interested!

Not too long ago, I did yet another web page/site for someone I don't know, really, Ruby Jean. Is it becoming a habit? Well, so long as I got the time and resources, I'm always here, ya know!

NHL99 is an awesome game! "How awesome is it?", you ask? Weezie is playing too, she got a 26 game season going, and so far her W-L-T record is 2-0-0! Beat Detroit 6-0, and Edmonton 9-8. She picked the Phoenix Coyotes as her team, and her leading scorers are Shane Doan and Jeremy Roenick, with 5 pts each.

Today, some basketball player named "Jordan" retired". I say that's what he should've done, after all, he kept making threats that if certain people weren't brought back, he would retire. So they weren't, and he kept his word. At least he kept his word. And it makes for a much more interesting abbreviated NBA season coming up. Good news for anyone not a Chicago Bulls fan, right? I found it kind of funny that in a CNNSI poll recently, more than half of the respondents said he should "play golf" instead of returning to the Bulls...

February 1, 1999
Well, it's my favorite month of the year, for a number of reasons. Actually, two: Valentine's Day (doesn't it seem everyone likes that holiday?), and my birthday is on the 17th. Don't know what I'd be doing on my b-day, last year I had a small get-together with food and stuff. This year may be the last I celebrate here, so, I'm wondering how it'll go.

Super Bowl XXXIII has come and gone, and as I predicted (Mom, grandpa, and Hannah know that I'm not kidding), Denver won. A big mystery, I suppose, is whether Elway is going to retire. I predict that he won't, that the challenge of a three-peat is one hardly anyone gets a chance at. Bad news for the Steelers... well, Elway or not, my team has to shape up, I think.

Did another site, this one is Iggy's Erotica Stories site. Just go there to see what it's all about, if you're interested!

Haven't had the chance to think of idle thoughts (or, do much of anything else!) lately, just so much things being done nowadays. I do predict that I will be back to normal routine within a week or so.

And, I am just so sick of trendiness! I'll go further into this topic next time...

February 4, 1999
For anyone who has a web page, I recommend getting Nedstat tracking! It is some cool and helps give you an idea of who, where, when, and other things you've always wanted to know about your site's visitors.

Of course, you can imagine that I'm feeling happy that Jaromir Jagr has taken over the NHL scoring lead. Scored 1 goal and has 4 assists in a 5-3 win over the Dominator's Buffalo Sabres. Before that, he had consecutive 4 point games. Hope he can continue to be the NHL's hottest player!

And, about the trendiness thing I alluded to... it makes me sick to see people around here (mostly the young ones, but even the older ones aren't immune to it, really) jumping on every bandwagon, trying to get a feel for what's popular, what's "in", what's the "style", what's "hot", generally, what's trendy! Well, for their information, what defines someone who's truly "in" is that he/she can create a trend all by his/her lonesome! So there! At least I can be here with my inner peace, being happy of course, and waiting for whatever I'm not doing to become a trend! : )

Though CNNSI and ESPN seem to think otherwise, I do think the Padres are making wise roster moves. They did lose Kevin Brown, Greg Vaughn, Steve Finley, Joey Hamilton, and Ken Caminiti, but Brown was the only significant postseason contributor. Caminiti was seemingly hurt all year, Vaughn, Finley, and Hamilton fizzled in the postseason. I do think they have a legitamate chance to repeat as NL champs, if the right pieces fall into place and certain players step up in absence of those newly departed players.

Still wondering what's gonna be happening here on my birthday... : )

February 7, 1999
Okay, here's the 411 on my latest completed story, "Run-Of-The-Mill, One In A Million". It is indeed a true story to the letter (somewhat!;^) ), and the guy of the story just happens to be me. That was the first run-in I've had with an online romance, and, thinking back to those days, I kinda miss em. For those thinking about getting into such things, don't hesitate! It's worth the while to see and feel what it's all about, if only to help you know what you're hiding from, in case you feel like avoiding getting into an online relationship.

To throw a b-day bash or not to, that is the question that finds my idle mind a lot lately...

Wow, it happened again. Pens score 3 goals, and Jagr had 3 points. Let's start the chant: "MVP! Hart Trophy!"

Speaking of hockey... does anyone besides me that the game between bloodied rivals Colorado and Detroit yielded a grand total of ONE fight? I hope the rivalry doesn't fizzle, well, seriously, I guess my own expectations have gotten too high in the wake of those brawlfests everyone fondly remembers from the past two season, and the game was close all the way, pretty much. Still...

I am getting into another "project", so to speak... nothing big really, but should be fun. I don't want to build up the hype here too much, nor let on and disappoint, so, I will give the following "teaser" clues:

February 23, 1999
Been feeling a bit bummed about the Pens' 3 game losing streak, worst of all losing to the hated Cryers, so...

I'm presently exploring the opportunities available as far as my "dream" goes. Well, in absence of a normal career so far, I'm left free to chase my dreams down : ) Wish me luck!

How did I spend my 27th birthday? Basically just doing my normal daily routine, and went out to dinner that night. Pretty cool stuff, but nothing compared to... Valentine's Day!

I don't know if I'll ever really or fully reveal what happened on that weirdly nice day... I welcome attempts at prying, however. If your curiousity gets the best of you, I just might...

About the Mirage From Last Night... you could probably guess that the guy in the story is me, from an early part of my life, probably a totally different person from who and what I am now ; ) Anyways, it sort of represented the typical struggle I had with myself, my conservativeness, my lack of luck, etc. Well, that's all gone by now, but I sort of felt like reflecting on it somewhat through a story.

Speaking of stories, I am at an impasse as to what to write! I have several possibilities running through my head, and, I want to write a real novel this time! Seriously! Funny how them adult stories come out onto the keyboard from my fingers so easily...

March 30, 1999
Wow, I have been pretty absent from things for awhile, haven't I? A couple of things are most notorious for that absence, even though I really haven't been away from the internet, just failed to have time to do the things I used to do. One reason: babysitting! The other: the adult stories. I never thought it would be such a money-raking venture, really. I won't divulge exactly how much money I'm getting from it, but, let's just say it's quite a bit more than most civil engineers in this country make daily. And, I get that pay 7 days a week! It's also become a new-story-a-day site, so, there went most of the time I had for putting new things and updates on my personal web pages. And, to realize that I have just started with it... well, I like to hope that the potential is practically limitless, at least for now. At the very least, though, you could say that I do have a job now! Wish me luck in getting better, and the site in getting more popular, etc : )

Well, hockey season is winding down, getting close to the playoffs. And, true to form, the Pens are in the midst of their annual late season slump. They will be in the playoffs, that is almost a certainty. That said, I have a formula for the Pittsburgh Penguins team to reach, and maybe win, the Stanley Cup finals:

1. Buy Kerry Fraser a house in Pittsburgh. The Pens have never lost a game at home with Kerry Fraser refereeing, including playoff games! Even if the Pens are short of money, they should more than make up the cost of a luxury home with the playoff home games sold out since the presence of Fraser on the ice guarantees a Pens win in Pittsburgh.

2. Get Eddie Olczyk back, and make sure he gets a goal or assist early in the game. As a Pen, Olcyzk on the score sheet meant a Pens victory. Oooops, it's past the trade deadline already, too late to get him back. Put that on the to-do list for next season...

3. Make sure Tom Barrasso doesn't give up a bad goal at the worst time. His tendency to give up bad goals contributed largely to 2 of the last 3 Pens playoff eliminations.

4. Buy Dan Marino a full set of playoff tickets. The Pens seem to do well when he's in attendance, and he also gets the home crowd fired up pretty good too.

5. Start a new, old trend: the Terrible Towel waving at Pens games. Can 4 Super Bowl victories be wrong!?!?!?!

6. Don't make a rookie (like Aleksey Morozov) take the overtime penalty shots!!! Hello, KC, you had a guy like Martin Straka available to take the shot last year...

I hope I can find the time to put more into this, and my other personal stuff, in the near future... if not, well, at least you can get some daily doses of me at a certain erotic story site near you...

get back to the Melting Igloo 2!