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Welcome to the Melting Igloo's Arena!!!
You've just stepped into the wild and wacky three ring circus which is called sports! And anyone who's ever seen a late season Colorado at Detroit hockey game the past two years would attest, I'm not entirely exaggerating! Anyways, do enjoy the work I've presented, and if you care to participate where appropriate, by all means, show everyone what you've got, or what you've achieved, no matter how bi or small. Just keep the elbows down, no helmet-to-helmet blows, and keep it clean. Watch for flying pucks though! 

Spectator's Spectacles: 

On the ice: Mario Lemieux - Eric Lindros: the eerie comparisons 

On the court: Pittsburgh Penguins - Chicago Bulls: an eerier comparison between teams of different sports 

On the benches: My personal, oft ill-humored, rundown of some of the Pittsburgh Penguins hockey players, both past and present 

My tribute: the 1998 San Diego Padres: Yes, the Padres had a wonderful season, though they cam up one series short. They're still good though, and here's my comments! 

How the National Hockey League could benefit from the National Basketball Association lockout Full of opinions on how the NHL could potentially blossom in light of the NBA's troubles 

Athletic Participation: 

Hanging from the rafters: "retired" numbers of athletes, be it weekend warrior, couch potato, retired, pro, semi-pro, any and all categories. You don't even have to be retired! You can be one of them, so, check it out!